The school library serve as the resource center for the assessing material. There are more than 5000 books on subjects like Science, Mathematics, Grammar, Mythological stories, Quiz, General Knowledge, Computer, Kannada, English and Hindi books to cater to the needs of students as well as the teachers. The library continuously strives to keep its resource and service updated in the interest of the school community.

Resource material in the form of maps, worksheets, question banks etc are available to boost classroom learning. A good number of newspapers, magazines and journals are subscribed to and kept in the library. Book fairs are held in the school to encourage students to celebrate and enjoy reading books.

Available books in the library:

  • General Knowledge books
  • Dictionaries in different language with translation
  • Encyclopaedia
  • Fiction - English, Kannada & Hindi
  • Subject Books-Physics, Chemistry Biology, Mathematics, History, Economics, Civics, Geography
  • General books-Guides, resource books, books on religion etc.
  • Yoga and Health books
  • Tourism books
  • Sports
  • Psychology
  • Personality development
  • Environment studies
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Moral Science
  • Computer books
  • Essay & letter writing grammar books
  • Quiz
  • Cookeries
  • Literary books-Hindi, Kannada, Engllish, Sanskrit
  • Periodicals-newspapers, magazines, Manorama.