Teacher's quality plays an important role in school education. It influences the student achievement. This school is successful and is attributed to the teaching staff. They form a strong relationship with their students and show that they care for them and communicate with parents.

Supporting staff in this school handle a variety of student enquiries and requests. They provide support and back-up for students and teachers both in the class room and in the school as a whole working beyond the scheduled hours.

Academic Staff

Name Qualification Desgination
Kavitha K M.Sc., B.Ed., MBA Principal
Sri N.Narayana Rao B.Com., B.A., B.Ed. Asst. Master
Sri C. Vijaya Kumar B.A., B.Ed. Asst. Master
Sri B.K. Venkatesh M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Master
Sri S.T. Manjunath B.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Master
Smt. Rohini V. B.Sc., DCA Computer Teacher
Smt. V.S. Savithri M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Mistress
Smt. Susan B.A., B.Ed. Asst. Mistress
Sri Harish T S B.A., B.PEd Asst. Master
Smt Bhagyalakshmi K R B.A., B.Ed. Asst. Mistress
Smt. Divyamani S M.Sc, B.Ed Asst. Mistress
Smt. Tanuja R M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Mistress
Sri. Lokesh M B.Sc, B.Ed. Asst. Master
Smt. Swathi B N B.Sc, B.Ed. Asst. Mistress
Smt. Subhashini B N M.A, B.Ed. Asst. Mistress
Smt. Manjula K B.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Mistress
Sri. Shivakumar K.M M.Sc. B.Ed. Asst. Master
Sri. Narayan T Bhat M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Master

Support Staff

Name Qualification Designation
Sri K.M. Visweswaraiah B.Sc. Accountant
Sri. Y.M. Manjunath B.Sc. Office Assistant
Miss. S.M. Kruthika B.C.A. Computer Programmer
Sri. Gangadhar Naik M.L.I.Sc. Library Assistant
Sri. J. Renukaiah Attender
Smt. Munithayamma Helper
Smt. Nirmala G Helper
Smt. Manjamma D Helper