Betterment Committee

Sri W. D. AshokChairman
Sri N. R. PanditharadhyaPresident
Sri W. H. Anil KumarVice-President
Sri T. S. Henjarappa Vice-President
Dr. Wooday P. KrishnaHon. General Secretary
Sri B. M. ParthasarathyHon. Treasurer
Sri S. SheshanarayanaHon. Joint Secretary
Sri. M. S. NatarajHon. Assistant Secretary
Sri. M. GopalMember
Sri C. R. Lokanath Member
Sri. T. V. MaruthiMember
Sri. Y. R. RavikumarMember
Sri. Y. N. Mallikarjun Member
Sri. NagarajaiahMember
Sri. Ravi Mandalappa M. M. Member
Sri. A. C. Chandrashekar Raju Member
Sri. B. A. SridharMember
Sri. Siddaramaiah Member
Smt. Kavitha KPrincipal and Convenor

Message from the Chairman:

As the Chairman of betterment committee, Seshadripuram High School- Yelahanka, I am elated to serve the community. At SHS, we commit to make a desirable difference in the lives of our students. Our drive in achieving the core values of Discipline, Confidence and culture informs the integrated curriculum of the school with a strong commitment to continuous improvement and first class academic standard of education. SET is honest and sencere in its approach.

Our students must be morally,socially,economically and intellectually endowed and equipped. For us to achieve these great tasks, mutual partnership of the school with the community - our parents becomes very imperative. Consequently, we welcome the support of our parents in achieving these aims. This website offers a broad insight into our school.

"One hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove or what my clothes looked like. One hundred years from now it will not matter what college I attended, what kind of computer I used, how large or small my school, but the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child".

W.D. Ashok