Academic Process

Seshadripuram High School follows the State syllabus. The medium of instruction is English. We firmly believe in taking children out of the classroom spaces to experience the real world through varied experiment and hands on activities. Our curriculum is delivered effective through multimedia teaching. Teachers acts as facilitator and guide throughout the learning process.

The Karnataka state syllabus textbook is based on NCF (National curriculum Framework)-2005. It is activity centered and the learners do experiments,assignments and projects that contribute for complete knowledge.

Academic term There are 2 terms of 6 months duration each.

School Awards

  • Sri K.C. Puttanarasaiah cash award, for the highest scorer in tenth standard,
  • Sri Rajanna Cash award, for Highest scorer among girls
  • Smt Sannamma cash award, for highest scorer among boys
  • Late Kumari vaishnavi Iyer memorial award for highest scorer in 9th standard
  • The awards are distributed to the students at the end of academic year and are falicitated on the school day.

Awakened Citizen Programme of the Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi

This is an initiative taken by Ramakrishna Mission to benefit the children and facilitate the teachers.

  • This program will be conducted for students of Class VII.
  • Classes will be conducted once in a week and will be within school hours.
  • 16 modules will be covered to complete the program by February for each class.