At Seshadripuram High School, we are committed to offer students, varied opportunities for extra curricular activities. The school believes that participate in extra curricular activities enables students to develop talent and confidence among themselves.

In order to encourage students to participate in various programme and activities and widen their horizon and experience which is more important for their all round development, the school has following clubs :

  • Literary Club : The Literary club objectives are to refine the literary skills, enhance creativity and provide an avenue for self expression beyond the school curriculum.
  • Communication Club : This club’s objective is to develop speech fluency and confidence among the students. The activities covered in the club increase the communication skill by empowering students to pot ideas clearly and confidently.
  • Humanitarian Club : The Humanitarian club objective is to inculcate socially desirable values such as empathy, cooperation and nurture the desire of the young to serve the society.
  • Art Club : The objective of Art club is to develop creativity and imagination through a range of activities. It provides a platform to the students to create new artistic creations and enables students to reach their maximum potential.
  • Science Club : The objective of Science club is to arouse and cultivate student’s interest in learning science. It also encourages motivates and equips the students in application of Science and its interface with the society.
    • Science Adda programme was organised for 9th standard students to experience what they learn at school to real life applications. The students were divided into four batches. Each session lasted for about 90 minutes. This practical hands on approach worked a lot in clarifying scientific concepts and facilitated exploratory learning.
  • Sports Club : The objective of Sports club is to encourage students to participate in sports on a regular basis and develop a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Drama Club : The objective of the Drama Club is to build student’s self confidence, creativity, teamwork abilities, self discipline and presentation skills.
  • Radio Jockey Club : The objective of the Radio Jockey Club is to train youngsters in speaking skills, script writing, time management and to develop their personality and confidence.